“Please will you help me find a cure for my little girl, Martha?”

Martha suffers from a rare form of kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). This means her immune system doesn't recognise her kidneys but sees them as foreign objects. Her body is constantly trying to damage and reject her kidneys.
Eventually, without a cure, Martha's kidney's will fail completely and she'll need to go on dialysis. Even worse, a transplant might not work for Martha, as the FSGS would attack the new kidney too.

Kidney Research UK are funding a project led by Dr Moin Saleem and his student Carl May. This research is looking into the causes of FSGS and right now it is the best hope Martha has. Please will you help by making a donation to Kidney Research UK today?



The gifts above are just some of the great ways in which we invest your donations. We will continue to invest donations such as yours into the areas of research which will help Martha and others like her in our mission to find a cure for kidney disease.



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